Packages of photo paper - Paul Messier Photograph Conservation

The Paul Messier Historic Photographic Papers Collection

Major photograph conservation studies based on the reference collection, are listed by general topic, main collaborators and date. The current research agenda is covered in this paper and presentation.

Optical brighteners / fluorescence

Physical measurements

  • Paper thickness survey, Webster, 2008-09
  • Thickness and density, Duverne, Getty Conservation Institute, 2006


Elemental Composition

Paper Fiber

  • Dating of photographic papers using nearIR, Martins, MoMA, 2010-
  • Paper fiber identification and dating, Rantanan, Integrated Paper Services Daffner, Martins, MoMA, 2008-
  • Lewis Hine authentication, Rantanan, Integrated Paper Services, 1999

Manufacturer markings

Last update, May 2013